Our Pets

My ski adventures with the Young Men's Downtown Association

Kate is the littermate of of other Persian cat, Bianca. Like her sister she spent about three years competing in the Household Pet division of CFA and ACFA cat shows.
Binanca is a shaded silver Persian cat who was abandoned along with her sister, Kate, in a cardboard box outside our local animal shelter. Michele was returning a litter that was ready for adoption and was given the two Persian kittens to take home. We simply could not give them up and adopted them ourselves.
Luna Clara
Luna Clara is our second Chihuahua and was Star's present for her fifth birthday. Luna was picked up as a Stray in Dallas and eventually made her way to a shelter in Minnesota.
Star at Play
Star is a very active Chihuahua, when she's not zonked on the sofa. She has taken a year and a half of agility classes and several months of scent work classes.
Star Fashion
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