Prim stands guard over a container of kitten chow.
A 2-year old calico stray and her litter of five kittens were abandoned at a smaller shelter and then transferred to Hennepin County Humane Society. We fostered them from Aug. 13 to Sept. 9, 2011.
Gale nursing
Rue is one of the friendliest kittens in the litter. She was a visitor favorite whenever we had friends over to see the kittens. She loved to crawl into a lap and fall asleep on you. She's very cuddly and will make an excellent pet.
The litter has plenty of toys to play with in our foster room.
Rue snuggles next to her mother, Katniss
Peeta and Gale play together with the mouse wheel
Peeta and Gale play together with the mouse wheel
Katniss and Haymitch
Rue hanging out
Rue loved to balance on top of the scratching post
Bored with the feather toy already
Gale, Peeta, Katniss (mom), Rue, Haymitch and Prim watfch the mesmerizing red feather.
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