Foster Kitten Litters

Michele and I foster cats and their litters of kittens for our local animal shelter. We care for the kittens until they are are of weight and age to return to the shelter to be adopted into new homes.

2018 Noel's Litter
In December 2017, Michele brought home Noel and her four kittens for us to foster: Ivy, Holly, Nicholas, and Angel.
2017 Jessica's Litter
Our second litter of 2017 is named for characters in "As You Like It", Orlando, Oliver, and Rosalind. Their mother, who was already named Jessica, is one of the sweetest moms we've ever fostered.
2017 Hotel Lobby Kittens
Our first kitten litter of 2017 was abandoned in the shelter lobby. So why not name them after fancy hotel lobbys? The four boys and one girl are Waldorf, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, and Sofitel.
2016 Roxie's Litter
We fostered Roxie and her two kittens, Velma and Mary Sunshine for about four weeks. Roxie came to us already named, so we named her two kittens after characters from the musical, "Chicago."
2016 Anoka's Litter
Anoka and her six kittens have been with us since they were two weeks old. They were found in a tool shed in Anoka.
2015 Gemma's Litter
We began fostering Gemma and her three girls, Agate, Topaz, and Opal in August of 2015.
2015 Autumn's Litter
2014 Ventana's Litter
Late August and into September of 2014 we began fostering a litter that was found in a window well of a house on Upton Avenue in Minneapolis. Michele named the mom Ventana, which means "window" in Spanish. Her four girls and one boy were named Pella, Lunette, Anlin, Egress, and Marvin.
2014 Truck Stop Kittens
Mack and Ryder came to us after being found under a truck. They were reported as being eight weeks of age but we don't belive they were any older than 6 1/2 weeks. They will stay with us until they are roughly two pounds in weight.
2014 Sugar's Litter
Michele and I fostered Sugar and her four kittens in July and August of 2014. We gave the three boys and one girl equally sweet names: Stevia, Karo, Ganache, and Honey.
2014 Piaget's Litter
Piaget and her six timepieces came to us in September, 2014 and we fostered them for just over three weeks.
2014 Brontë Sisters
In November 2014 we took in three sisters to foster from the Animal Humane Society "bottle baby" program. Anne, Emily, and Charlotte were three weeks old when they came to us without a mom.
2013 The Grays
The Grays are the first kittens that we fostered for our local shelter on their "Bottle Baby" program. The kittens came to us without a mom and needed to be bottle fed until they were able to take hard or soft food.
2013 Maddie's Litter
2013 Godiva's Litter
Godova and her six kittens came to us in October, 2013. We named each kitten after chocolate: Nestle, Nutella, Hershey, Ritter, Aero, and Ethyl M.
2013 Boots's Litter
We fostered Boots and her kittens in September, 2013. Ecco, Ariat, Teeva, and Sorrel all got their names as brands of boots.
2011 Katniss' Litter
Katniss, named after Suzanne Collins's "Hunger Games" books, stayed with us in the summer of 2011. Michele named her five week old kittens Gale, Peeta, Rue, Prim and Haymitch after characters in the series.
2011 Guerlain's Litter
Guerlain's litter of kittens were fostered by us in 2011. All three kittens suffered from a cold.
2010 Sookie's Litter
Sookie and her litter of four kittens: Bill, Eric, Sophie-Ann and Hadley, came to stay with us in September 2010.
2010 Hazel's Litter
The quiet and well-mannered Hazel stayed with us in July 2010, along with her litter of six nutty kittens: Filbert, Frangelico, Gimlet, Madeleine, Nutella and Praline.
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