Piaget, mother of six kittens
Rolex was the first kitten to claim status as lap cat.
Movado was as sweet as he was fluffy.
Tissot was our second tiniest kitten.
Rolex, Bulova (in back), Tissot (hovering), Cartier, Movado, and Tag
Group shot
Okay, I can't decide which group photo is cuter. From left to right: Rolex, Tag, Bulova (back), Tissot, Cartier, and Movado.
Bulova was much smaller than her siblings and was easy to push around. We had to make sure that she was getting her fair share of each meal.
Bulova and Movado
Movado takes a tail to the face
Cartier and Movado
Rolex, Cartier, and Movado
Tag gets some cuddling
Cartier gets wrapped up in a ribbon
Cartier gets tangled up with Rolex
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