This is Honey, a near spitting image of her mom. Honey was one of the first kittens to warm up to us and realize that we were not all that bad.
This is Karo, the shyest of the litter. If we engaged him in forced cuddling he would stop hiding for a while.
This is Ganache. He had a strange habit of lying flat as a pancake when we touched him. He was much improved by the time he was ready to go back for adoption.
This is Stevia, the smallest but most outgoing of the litter.
Stevia and Karo dine with their sister, Honey
Mom Sugar and her boy, Ganache. The family had been taken from a hoarder house. The kittens came to us having had little socialization and they initially hid from us when we entered the foster room. With a mix of toy time and forced cuddling they eventually started to come to us and hop in our laps.
Smell my paw!
Play time!
Stevia and Ganache.
Stevia plays in front of Sugar
More play time
Ganache climbs the scratching post
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